EVL PDX – More Than a Vape Shop

EVL PDX is an electronic cigarette retail shop and lounge dedicated to the vaping community by offering quality products and knowledgeable customer service.

Come in for a quick juice refill, or stay awhile, relax, and connect with our expert staff and the vape community in the lounge.

Who is EVL PDX?

The doors of EVL PDX opened in early 2013 to help out the local Pacific NW electronic cigarette and vaping community by providing quality products and customer service.  We at EVL PDX have also cultivated a unique atmosphere that fosters strong connections between fellow Vapers.  Often times Vapers come to our shop with one thing in mind: to purchase accessories and/or upgrade their mods.  What they don’t expect is that they create long term friendships with fellow Vapers hanging around EVL PDX.  Since opening, the lounge has hosted Vape Meets, game night, Vapers doing homework as well as office work, or folks who just  want to relax.

EVL PDX: One of a Kind

What do you expect from your local electronic cigarette store? At EVL PDX, exceeding expectations is the name of the game. Our second-floor storefront features sleek displays, beautiful natural lighting, open counter space to come relax, work, and socialize over, even a mesmerizing fish-tank! Paired with our high-end atmosphere is a knowledgeable, amiable, and helpful staff. Once we serve you, we consider you part of the EVL PDX family, and do our best to remember each and every customer, making return visits not only necessary, but very enjoyable for everyone.